Biogas plants/biofilter

All micro biological processes require specific process conditions to run optimally. These process parameters must be regularly monitored. MicroPro GmbH offers the following micro biological investigations for this purpose, conducted in the company’s own laboratories by experienced specialist staff:

Fermentation tests (in accordance with DIN* 38414 or VDI** 4630)

  • Fermentation tests are carried out with the microorganisms of the system to be monitored or on request with fermentation bacteria of MicroPro GmbH in accordance with the specified process parameters. 
  • The standard approach covers a double sample as well as positive and negative controls. In addition to this a gas chromatographic analysis of the biogas composition is possible.
  • Determining the biogas formation potential and the time taken for decomposition
  • Recommendations on optimisation for the composition of the fermentation substrate (C/N-ratio) with respect to maximum gas formation rates
  • Investigation in batch or in continuous fermentation
  • Breeding and accumulation of anaerobic bacteria cultures

Optimisation of process parameters for maximising biogas production

  • Adaptation of the C/N- ratio
  • Testing the influence of temperature and pH value
  • Optimisation of raw material composition and loading frequency

Examination on biofilters

  • Examination of filter material and evaluation of microbial consortium
  • Accumulation, cultivation and delivery of suitable, adapted micro-organisms
  • Investigation on possible improvement of operating conditions (moisture, supply of nutrients, pH)
  • Analysis of input and output flows


Extension and adaptation of the analyses of the specific application case are important components of the investigation proposal. We look forward to hearing from you for preparation of an individual investigation programme.

*DIN - German institute for Standardization
**VDI - The Association of Germen Engineers